Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pictures From The Homeland 2: Nefoundland and Nova Scotia 2010

And continuing the digital journey, here are a few more from our summer trip.  These were all taken with the D90 and the kit lens.

This first one is taken from the "Brigus Mountain" (coming from Alberta it was really more of a hill...maybe even a grassy knoll).  It shows the harbor and center of Brigus, NFLD, Julia's grandmothers hometown.  I really enjoy this picture because it shows the sleepy little Newfie towns that I have always found fascinating.

I snapped this picture of Julia and her grandmother when we were leaving the cemetery where we visited her grandfathers burial site.  I love this photo because of the twisted fence.  One of the things that makes little fishing villages so great is that everything (streets, fences, even houses) just seem askew somehow and I think that makes for great photo ops.

Finally, this photo is in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.  For those of you who don't know these are the "3 churches" and are historic sites in Mahone Bay.  The one on the far right also happens to be where Juls and I were wed, and is really the reason I like this picture.

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