Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pictures From The Homeland 3: Chester

Time for the next (and last) of my pictures from home...That's right, from here on I only have photos from Europe.  Before we get to what I know everyone wants to see though, I have to pay homage to my hometown, Chester.  These first two pictures are from that town I grew up in and both were taken in the back harbor after a workout one day.  The first was taken with the Tokina 11-16 and the second with the Nikkon 50mm prime.  I like them both because the blues and the water just remind me of home...

 Finally, we have a photo from Queensland beach in Hubbards.  I decided to stop by while I was out for a drive and though it was too cold for a swim, it was perfect for a picture of the crashing waves...This photo may actually become my desktop background, it really reminds me of home.

And that's that, next photos will be Versailles...stay tuned!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sunset Photos From Canaan, NS

I had a great opportunity to try my hand at some nighttime (it was more like dusk really) photography at Mill Lake near my childhood home in Canaan NS.  I haven't had a ton of experience taking photos in this kind of atmosphere but I thought the results were pretty good.  Here are 3 of my favorites.

I chose to include these first two because they are in the exact same place just looking in a different direction.  It's interesting to see the difference it makes as when I am looking into the setting sun in the first photo it gives that great nighttime image.  However, when I look away from the sun I get the second image, which is actually a more accurate representation of what it looked like at that I think.

Finally, this is another image from Mill Lake at sundown and it is my favorite from that shoot.  I like it because of the angles and the reflections.  I think everything came together to make a really cool picture.

The Final Days in Canada, Part 3

So I am no longer in Calgary now and these photos are from some of my travels during April (2011 duhhhh) while I was in Nova Scotia.

All three of the photos shown here were taken at my grandparents farm in New Germany, Nova Scotia.  The first is of their barn, I punched up the contrast and colors quite a bit to give it that odd glow but I really like the look.

The next two were taken inside the barn.  The first was taken with the Tokina 11-16 and is looking up to the sealing where there is an ancient wooden harvester hanging.  The second was using the 50mm prime and is of my grandfathers tool shed in the barn.  I really took down the colors here to accentuate the antiquness (a word???) and the glow from the window.

Both the interior shots were taken in very low light and it was the low F stops of my two lenses and some tweaking afterward that made them into nice photos, but I am pretty happy with the end result.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Final Days in Canada Part 2

And continuing the journey...

These photos are all from my last walk in Calgary before I left.  I went on a stroll by the Bow River while I had a chance and checked out the sites.  This first one is right down by the river looking at the 10st bridge (I think).  It was taken with my Tokina 11-16.

This one is crossing over the bridge on the pedestrian footpath.  There was a lot of water on the ground and it gave me a great opportunity to take some reflection I did.

Finally, this isn't even that great a photo, I just like the message...goodbye Calgary!

The Final Days in Canada Part 1

So, I've been posting like crazy on my other blog lately, but I can't forget my photos as well.  Here are a collection of a few of the photos I have taken over the last 2 months I spent in Canada (that was now 3 weeks ago).

The 1st and 3rd pics were taken with our Tokina 11-16 F 2.8 lens of awesomeness (thanks for the recommendation Shawn) and the 2nd was taken with our also awesome 50mm prime F1.8.

This first photo is from our hotel room in the Bellagio, it's a great image of the fountains (they had just finished a show and ironically enough we were looking right at the mini Eiffel tower from our room...foreshadowing, I think so.

I think the reason I like this photo kind of goes without saying...Being in front of Caesar's Palace (apparently Caesar doesn't live there though...) kind of begged for the Captain.

I love the color in this photo.  It was taken in the Bellagio, the ceiling by the check in has this gigantic glass art flower display, apparently it's the largest blown glass art piece in the world.

Well, that's the first installment, I'll put more up toute suite.