Monday, 25 April 2011

PHOTO CONTEST #1: Your Favorite Picture

So...lots of people have photo blogs and they put their pics up and it's good fun, blah blah blah...I wanted to do something a bit different with mine, so I thought I would include some themed contests.  I should point out that they are not really contests in that you can't actually win anything, I am just calling them contests so people will read this post.

Basically, the challenges is this, send me your favorite picture that you have taken with a write-up (keep it short) of why you like it.  I will post a new submission every week and we can all look at each others favorite photos. 

These photos don't have to be high quality and don't have to be of anything in particular, they just have to be your favorite.  I will stipulate that they do have to be taken by either you, or a family member though.

I look forward to seeing your entries, send them to me in a message on my facebook account.

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