Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Alberta Catch-Up 3

And 3 more.

This is another photo taken at Heritage Park in Calgary.  I really like this one because of the lighting.  Taken with the D90, 35-120 F4.8, this was an experiment for me and I actually played with different white balances to see what each would give me.  In the end, I liked the warmth of the white balance in the photo here, and so it is the one I kept.

Both of these photos were taken in Drumheller, AB with the D90 (same lens as was the only one we owned for quite some time).  I took the top photo and really like it, but have gotten comments that it would be better if the bush in the foreground were more prominent.  I am starting to agree and may do some additional editing to see if I can punch up the colors a bit.  The second photo was actually taken by Juls.  It is the ground in the Badlands and is just a really cool macro shot...oh yeah, the 35-120 has a macro feature, which is the only reason we still have it.

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