Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Alberta Catch-Up 2

Here are 3 more.

Both of these pics were taken at the Athabasca Glacier on our trip to Jasper on Labor Day weekend 2010.  They were both taken with the D90 again with the 35-120 F4.8.  I really like the top one because it almost looks like it has been taken with an ultra-wide or even fish-eye lens, but it hasn't.  As for the second one, the reason I like it is actually because of the people you can see on the glacier in the upper right hand corner.

This one I added because it is one of my favorite pictures of Juls (she hates it by the way).  We were on the paddle boat at Heritage Park in Calgary when I snapped this one and I just like how raw and imperfect it is.  It was taken with the same setup as the two above.

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