Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Alberta Catch-Up 5

And the last 3...for now.

Like I said, lakes with mountains in the background are a dime a dozen in the Rockies.  Even so, they still make great photos.  Here is yet another example from our trip to Jasper.  I really like the colors here.

This was a result of Julia and I trying to see who could get the best water picture at this fountain in Heritage Park and truthfully, I think it's mine...but I'm not sure. For those who don't know the frozen water affect was achieved by increasing the shutter speed.

Saving what may be the best for last, this photo actually won Julia a photo of the month contest at Total!  This was taken at Pyoto Lake on the way to Jasper.  We had stopped to try this hike and it was raining pretty hard but we figured what the hell.  Luckily for us, the rain cleared up just as we reached the top of the viewpoint and this rainbow appeared.  Since taking this photo we have seen this exact photo on countless travel ads in Alberta, but never one with a rainbow...we should try and sell it!

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