Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Alberta Catch-Up 4

You guessed it, more Alberta pics.

There are simply tons of opportunities in the mountains for photos of lakes with mountains in the background but I wanted to include these two specifically.  To top one is of Forget-me-not Pond in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Juls and I both loved this pond and the surrounding park and went for tons of hikes there, it was a great place.  Taken with the same Nikon setup, I just really love the deep color of the water, apparently it's that green because it is a man made pond and has an unusually large amount of algae and sediment.

I love the second pic because it is the payoff for hiking to the Lake Louise Tea House guessed it...Lake Louise, Alberta.  It was about 1.5hrs to get to this point and then another hour to get to the top of the big beehive (the peak climbing up on the left of the picture).  It was totally worthwhile and probably my favorite hike we did in Alberta.

This picture is probably my favorite of all the ones I have taken since we bought the DSLR.  I love the depth, color and composition.  It's taken from the steps of Chateau Lake Louise looking out over the lake.  We woke up early(ish) and decided to take a short hike and found the lake was super calm and looked a different (darker) shade of green than it normally does.

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