Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pictures From The Homeland 3: Chester

Time for the next (and last) of my pictures from home...That's right, from here on I only have photos from Europe.  Before we get to what I know everyone wants to see though, I have to pay homage to my hometown, Chester.  These first two pictures are from that town I grew up in and both were taken in the back harbor after a workout one day.  The first was taken with the Tokina 11-16 and the second with the Nikkon 50mm prime.  I like them both because the blues and the water just remind me of home...

 Finally, we have a photo from Queensland beach in Hubbards.  I decided to stop by while I was out for a drive and though it was too cold for a swim, it was perfect for a picture of the crashing waves...This photo may actually become my desktop background, it really reminds me of home.

And that's that, next photos will be Versailles...stay tuned!

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