Friday, 20 May 2011

The Final Days in Canada, Part 3

So I am no longer in Calgary now and these photos are from some of my travels during April (2011 duhhhh) while I was in Nova Scotia.

All three of the photos shown here were taken at my grandparents farm in New Germany, Nova Scotia.  The first is of their barn, I punched up the contrast and colors quite a bit to give it that odd glow but I really like the look.

The next two were taken inside the barn.  The first was taken with the Tokina 11-16 and is looking up to the sealing where there is an ancient wooden harvester hanging.  The second was using the 50mm prime and is of my grandfathers tool shed in the barn.  I really took down the colors here to accentuate the antiquness (a word???) and the glow from the window.

Both the interior shots were taken in very low light and it was the low F stops of my two lenses and some tweaking afterward that made them into nice photos, but I am pretty happy with the end result.

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